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Ningbo Yike Flavor Limited Company, a company that was founded in 2006, located in the beautiful port city, Ningbo. It not only has superior geographical location, but also contains advantaged economic environment, which makes Yike become a rising star in China’s flavoring industry.

Under the leadership of professional technical personnel, our company, which has motto “Exploration and Innovation, Development”, devotes to developing edible flavor. We pay special attention to new products developing, quality control and practical service.

We believe that the only way for a company to survive is getting acceptance from the market. Thus, we, as a part of Yike, gonna try our best to make “YIKE” become the top-ranking brand around the world. And we can also help you to get great achievement.

With a team of technical experts who are recognized in flavor and fragrance industry in both China and abroad, we are committed to improving our core competitiveness by technological advancement. Based on research for common industry technology and key techniques, we meet world-class standards in bioengineering, precision separation and purification of natural materials, Maillard reaction , new catalysis and synthesis, food engineering and structure authentication technologies.

There are offices and distributors of our company in many important cities of china which help our product covers all of the country. And we also export to many countries in south-eastern Asia and Africa like Vietnam, Republic of the Congo and Cambodia through the distributors.

Our company has the perfect net work of marketing, the scientific way of management, and the high quality of pre-sale or dedicated service. We insist that the satisfaction of customer is the center. And, we will provide the investigation of the market, the development of the products, the application service, dedicated service to meet the customers’ need.We believe Quality is the soul of the Enterprises. Innovation is the vitality of the Enterprises. We hope to meet challenges with customers and to see our wonderful future.




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